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Thompson Battery

Stimulate your browsing experience on Thompson Battery's precisely crafted website, developed on the WordPress platform with custom theme and plugin development. Seamlessly navigate through the user-friendly interface with the Auto Battery Quick Search Module, simplifying your battery selection. Thompson Battery proudly presents a diverse range of products through WooCommerce integration, ensuring a comprehensive shopping journey. Trust in secure transactions with the seamless PayPal payment gateway. The website boasts a beautiful design implementation, offering an aesthetic and engaging platform for all your battery needs.









Client Introduction

Thompson Battery Distributors emerged as a division of Rick’s Marine in January 2019.

Having successfully owned and operated Rick’s Marine since 1999, they identified a demand for a battery distributorship in Thompson and Northern Manitoba.

As a wholesale distribution company, Thompson Battery Distributors serves a diverse range of customers and industries. Prioritizing quality and competitive pricing, their buying group sources various battery types. They are dedicated to delivering excellent service along with top-notch, brand-name products.

Thompson Battery are offerings span Automotive, Consumer, and Industrial Batteries, as well as related DC Power Products like Chargers and Booster Packs. From powersports and vehicles to heavy equipment, computer backups, key fobs, fish finders, flashers, emergency lighting, and contemporary battery-powered devices, their product line covers a broad spectrum.

Committed to environmental sustainability, Thompson Battery Distributors not only facilitates core exchange but also purchases CORE$ for CA$H. Bringing in your cores ensures responsible recycling at the end of their life, contributing to waste reduction. Additionally, we accept used household batteries (No Cash Value) for proper and eco-friendly recycling.


Business Needs

Thompson Battery's website aims to establish itself as a premier destination for seamless and diverse battery shopping experiences. Utilizing WordPress, custom theme development, and custom plugin development, the business prioritizes user-friendliness and aesthetic appeal. The website incorporates an Auto Battery Quick Search Module, WooCommerce integration for product variety, and a secure PayPal payment gateway for trusted transactions.



The focus is on understanding the unique requirements of Thompson Battery's website. Explore the vision for the platform, emphasizing the need for custom theme and plugin development. Recognize the significance of the Auto Battery Quick Search Module in enhancing user experience, the role of WooCommerce in product diversity, and the importance of a seamless PayPal payment gateway.



Define the website's structure, emphasizing a visually appealing and user-friendly interface with beautiful design implementation. Specify the functionalities provided by the Auto Battery Quick Search Module and WooCommerce integration. Clearly outline the custom theme and plugin development to align with Thompson Battery's brand. Establish key performance indicators to measure the success of the website, including user engagement metrics, conversion rates, and the efficiency of the PayPal payment gateway.

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