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Sask Battery

Explore the dynamic and feature-rich journey offered by Sask Battery's website, skillfully designed on the WordPress platform using a customized theme development strategy.Unleashing convenience, the site features an innovative Auto Battery Quick Search Module, streamlining the search process for users.

With seamless WooCommerce integration, Sask Battery ensures a hassle-free online shopping experience, offering a range of batteries for various needs. The inclusion of a secure PayPal payment gateway adds an extra layer of trust and ease to the purchasing journey. Explore the synergy of technology and reliability on Sask Battery's user-friendly platform.









Client Introduction

Since 2008, SaskBattery has been offering top-notch batteries and accessories sourced from industry leaders like Clarios, Optima, US Battery, Energizer, Noco, and more! Our commitment at SaskBattery is to deliver unbeatable prices on every product in our inventory. Presently, SaskBattery is an integral part of the Battery Distributor Group, boasting 7 warehouses and a dedicated team of over 30 staff. Our dealer network spans across 6 provinces and 1 territory. Whether it's large Government contracts, Truck & Trailer, Auto Repair Facilities, Emergency Backup systems, or consumer batteries, you can trust SaskBattery to provide the right battery at the best price!


Business Needs

Sask Battery's website is designed to cater to the diverse needs of battery shoppers. Utilizing WordPress with custom theme development, the platform aims to offer a seamless and convenient online shopping experience for auto batteries. Integration with WooCommerce provides a comprehensive product showcase, and the inclusion of a secure PayPal payment gateway enhances trust in the purchasing process.



The website prioritizes user convenience with a unique Auto Battery Quick Search Module, simplifying the product search experience. Through custom theme development, Sask Battery ensures a tailored and engaging platform. The integration of WooCommerce expands the product offerings and enhances the overall e-commerce experience.



Define the website's structure and design, emphasizing the user-friendly modules and the visually appealing custom theme. Specify the functionalities provided by WooCommerce to create a robust online shopping platform. Clearly outline the secure and efficient payment processing facilitated by the PayPal gateway. Establish key performance indicators to measure the success of the website, including user engagement metrics, conversion rates, and customer satisfaction.

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