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Ravi Jadhav

Explore the cinematic world of Ravi Jadhav through his beautifully crafted website. Designed on WordPress with a premium theme, this platform serves as a comprehensive portfolio showcasing the filmmaker's outstanding work. Immerse yourself in a collection of music albums, films, and stay updated with the latest news, providing an engaging and interactive experience for fans and enthusiasts alike.









Client Introduction

Ravi Jadhav – One of the most influential filmmakers in the Marathi film industry was born in Mumbai. He studied Visual Communications and Graphic Design at Sir J J Institute of Applied Art. Before he took to the Film Industry he was a Creative Director at FCB-Ulka for 7 years where he honed his skills as a Graphic Designer and Copywriter. His projects won various awards for his clutter breaking advertising work. He left advertising in 2008 to pursue his dream of Cinema and started working on his first film which won numerous awards and stands as a classic masterpiece called Natarang.


Business Needs

Create a compelling online presence for filmmaker Ravi Jadhav to showcase his portfolio and engage with fans and industry professionals. The website should feature his films, music albums, and the latest news, reflecting his brand identity. A user-friendly design and seamless navigation are essential to enhance the overall user experience.



Understand Ravi Jadhav's preferences in terms of design, user engagement, and the desired atmosphere for the website. Identify key features such as a comprehensive portfolio, dedicated sections for music and films, and real-time updates on news. Gain insights into the target audience to ensure the website caters to both fans and industry stakeholders.



Specify the website's structure, focusing on an effective presentation of Ravi Jadhav's work. Clearly outline the layout for the portfolio, ensuring easy navigation. Establish a content strategy for timely updates on news and projects. Select a WordPress theme that aligns with the filmmaker's brand, providing a visually cohesive and appealing platform. Define key performance indicators to measure the website's success, including increased engagement and a growing fan base.

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