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Parkland Battery

Empowering your vehicles and equipment, Parkland Battery's website is a premier destination for a comprehensive range of auto and Farm/industrial batteries, along with smart battery chargers. Carefully crafted on WordPress with a custom theme designed using Figma, the platform boasts an efficient Auto Battery Quick Search Module for easy navigation. Explore a diverse array of products seamlessly through WooCommerce integration, ensuring a robust and user-friendly shopping experience. Trust in secure transactions with the seamless PayPal Payment Gateway. Parkland Battery's website blends functionality with a visually engaging design, providing a one-stop solution for all your battery needs.









Client Introduction

In 2005, two experienced brothers in the Truck and Transport industry joined forces to establish a small repair shop. Starting with a team of 4, we quickly recognized the local demand for Truck & Trailer services and expanded our staff to 8. The Commercial and Ag sectors heavily rely on trucks in our area, prompting us to continuously grow our team, tools, software, and parts inventory to meet service demands. In 2010, one partner ventured into a new opportunity, marking the beginning of a new chapter. With sustained growth, we maximized our 13,000 square feet, incorporating storage trailers and sea containers. By 2012, we joined Truck Pro, part of UAP, allowing access to more parts, vendors, and offering a Nationwide Warranty on work in Yorkton, SK. Evolving as a Truck Pro member, we focused on parts sales and applied to become a Traction Associate Store. In 2015, marking our 10th year, we expanded to a 25,000 square foot facility nearby, unveiling the largest parts showroom in Yorkton. Simultaneously, we proudly became an Emerald Manufacturing and Michel’s Dealers.


Business Needs

Parkland Battery's website aims to be a premier online marketplace for a wide variety of auto and Farm/industrial batteries, as well as smart battery chargers. Utilizing WordPress with a custom theme designed using Figma, the business prioritizes a user-friendly design, efficient product navigation, and secure transactions.



Explore Parkland Battery's vision for its online store, emphasizing the need for a custom WordPress theme designed using Figma. Recognize the importance of a user-friendly Auto Battery Quick Search Module for seamless product navigation. Understand the significance of WooCommerce integration in showcasing a diverse range of batteries and smart chargers. Acknowledge the role of the PayPal Payment Gateway in ensuring secure and trustworthy transactions.



Define the website's structure, emphasizing a visually engaging and user-friendly interface that aligns with Parkland Battery's brand. Specify the functionalities provided by the Auto Battery Quick Search Module and WooCommerce integration to showcase and navigate through the product catalog. Clearly outline the use of the PayPal Payment Gateway for secure transactions. Establish key performance indicators to measure the success of the website, including user engagement metrics, conversion rates, and overall customer satisfaction with the beautiful custom design implementation.

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