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Explore the world of real estate with Finoken's innovative website, meticulously crafted using NodeJs, Bootstrap, jQuery, and CSS. Hosted on the robust Amazon Cloud infrastructure, this platform redefines property transactions. From property listings and sales to rentals and fractional ownership, Finoken offers a comprehensive real estate experience. Engage in the excitement of open auction bidding for buying and selling houses, making property transactions seamless and dynamic. Experience the future of real estate technology with Finoken, where NodeJs powers functionality, Bootstrap ensures responsive design, and Amazon Cloud guarantees reliability.









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Client Introduction

Finoken aims to make real estate investing inclusive and available to all by introducing fractional ownership. This approach allows everyday investors to enjoy the advantages of investing in rapidly growing cities with significant capital appreciation potential, without the burden of high real estate costs. Through its online platform, operated via the website, Finoken provides opportunities for real estate investment. Prospective investors can become platform members, explore available property investment options, choose those of interest, and seamlessly complete their investments.


Business Needs

Address the real estate market's evolving demands by creating an innovative platform, Finoken. The website aims to revolutionize property transactions, offering listings, sales, rentals, fractional ownership, and introducing an engaging open auction bidding system for buying and selling houses.



Understand Finoken's vision, emphasizing the use of NodeJs, Bootstrap, jQuery, and CSS for a technologically advanced and visually appealing website. Explore the decision to leverage the Amazon Cloud infrastructure, ensuring scalability and reliability. Identify key features, such as property listings and open auction bidding, and comprehend the goals of facilitating sales, rentals, and fractional ownership transactions.



Specify the website's architecture, focusing on the integration of NodeJs, Bootstrap, jQuery, and CSS to achieve a seamless and responsive design. Clearly outline the utilization of Amazon Cloud for robust hosting. Define the user journey for property listings, sales, rentals, and fractional ownership, highlighting the unique aspect of open auction bidding. Establish key performance indicators to measure success, including user engagement metrics, successful transactions, and the platform's impact on the real estate market.

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